About VegReady

VegReady Makes Eating Plant-Based Meals Easy & Convenient

The number one reason why most people give up on healthy eating habits & diets is because of the lack of convenience. It is nearly impossible to find a healthy alternative that is not only easy & convenient; but tastes good!

VegReady’s pre-cooked, pre-packaged, ready-to-to eat vegan meals are the most convenient way to eat 2 more plant-based meals per week. Our unique flavors are sourced from around the world with our first dish being crafted in Peru!

How it Works:

  • Step 1 -Place Your Order on Our Website
  • Step 2 – We Ship 100% Vegan Pre-Cooked and Pre-Packaged Meals to Your Door
  • Step 3 – Open the Package & Enjoy

Our Peruvian Cuisine will be available for pre-order soon.

Meet the Team


Mark Perlmutter, Founder & CEO

Mark has a life-long passion in helping people eat better and creating a film,¬†Simply Raw, showing that plant based diets will reverse type-2 diabetes; 2 Million people saw this film and started eating healthier. Now, Mark is on a mission to disrupt the broken food supply through VegReady’s convenient plant-based meals.




Andrew Alexander, Marketing & Sales

After successfully transitioning to a 100% vegan diet in November 2017, Andrew is excited to combine his years of experience as a personal development trainer and online marketing background to help bring more plant-based meals into the homes of millions of people; one dish at a time.




Sunny Gurnani, Technology Advisor

Sunny became vegetarian in 2004 when he was volunteering with a program at Jain temple rescuing animals from slaughterhouses, and has since become vegan. Sunny has been a full stack developer at eBay and now manages a vegan food truck in the San Francisco Bay area.




Terry Mollner, Board of Advisors

Terry is an advisor with decades of experience in social impact and food companies, overseeing and directing the sale of Ben and Jerry’s.





John Perkins, Board of Advisors

John is the director and member of legal and compensation committees.



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