Want a 100% Personalized Meal Plan Based on Your DNA?

If you’re interested in the health of you and your family, you’re going to find this very interesting.

Imagine this:

Most health advice you get (possibly even from doctors) is vague, general and may even be wrong (for you). Wouldn’t it be much better if you could have a 100% Personalized Meal Plan that is uniquely tailored to your very own DNA?

Now, wouldn’t it be even better if this meal plan was delicious, easy, and convenient too?

Personalized meals could be ordered on a subscription basis and delivered straight to your door — pre-cooked and ready-to-eat.

Plant-Based & Personalized + Easy & Convenient + Meals that Make a Difference for You, Your Loved Ones, and The Planet as a Whole.

This is VegReady’s mission and the future we are inspired to create.

Here’s how we’ll get there:

Companies such as Viome.com and 23andMe are already using cutting-edge technology to test and analyze DNA and gut flora. We’re building an algorithm that will be able to analyze reports from these and other companies in order to create your personalized meal plan.

We’re also developing specialized toppings that will help you reach your specific nutrition and fitness goals, such as recovering from workouts faster or improving digestion.

Phase 1:

Our first step to create this vision is to build out the meals based on taste.

We have successfully crafted our first set of plant-based meals that help you take that first step in the right direction of creating a healthy life that you and your loved ones can enjoy.

On October 1st we’ll release our first meals for pre-order!

As you are reading this right now, the future is happening.

Stay tuned and stay subscribed – we’ll keep you updated as we realize this vision.

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